Sparkling look, perfect for a day with family. Last hours of holiday season left, we have to go back to school and do this all homework. Why it have to be so boring ? I just opened my school calendar and I must admit that it will be terrible. But we don't have another way just do it ! I will have to stay strong.

There's nothing more beautiful than sunny Sunday ha ha. Best time with family and good time to take some photos. I'm still waiting for this real winter, a lot of snow and sun, but I think that there's no chance this year. It's raining all the time, it's cold and as windy as never.

And there's next post with this YSL beauty, I think that this bag will be on Vicirage more often than other bags now.  It's carnaval time oh yes, I forgot hahaha. Everything glitter, silver and gold is good to wear now. So gold sweater and black skirt. Somebody can say it's not everyday clothing, trust me it is. There's nothing more cozy than warm sweater and comfy skirt hahha.

Black tights which are coming back into favor, because of Duchess Katherine. For a very long time black tights  very as not fashionable as it's possible, but thankfully everything changed. That's good, because I really like to wear them.  She has a really good style.

outfit of the day:
Sweater: Only 
Skirt: Stradivarius 
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte 
Bag: YSL


  1. Piękna stylizacja.

  2. Great pictures and place! Have a lovely week dear! Check out my latest outfit post.

    xx Mary


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