A N D  W H Y  I S  I T  P U B L I S H E D  4  M O N T H S  L A T E R


Hello, everybody! Well, I know I know, everyone almost thought it is the very end of Vicirage... but here I am again. It's been quite a long time since I posted anything here, but I had, let's say, an intensive time in my life. Well, I still have. I own you a huge update on what's up in my life, what I've been doing. Today I will try to make up at least the most important facts. So... enjoy!


Winter is the time when wrapping up in layers of clothing is a necessity, for me at least. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to avoiding cold air, by staying at home or school as long as I possibly can, not to face that icy wind. However, when it finally comes to overcoming this not beloved weather, I always, ALWAYS wear so many layers, that I can make sure, I feel warm and cozy. This time I did so as well.


Good evening. Well, it's been a pretty long while since I posted recently. To be totally hones I am so crazy busy that I don't have time to even edit some photos. I am nearly overwhelmed this school year, but I am trying to bit this, for my dreams and for me. Sleepless nights and studying everywhere became normal again, but I like it. I don't feel like wasting this time, I dedicate it into my future. I understood how important it is to focus on yourself and on expanding skills.


Good Morning everybody? How are you? Ready for a new school year? In my country it begins.. tomorrow. I just can't believe how quickly this summer came to an end. Luckily weather in Poland became a little bit better last days. More sun, more fun and trips.It is quite important to make this last funny summer memories right ?


From comfy outfits and homecoming dresses to notebooks and cute pencils

School year is about to start veryyy soon ( even too soon haha ). I thought that it's a good time to prepare a good portion of inspiration, because who doesn't love this whole supplies-outfit preparations ? For me it is the best shopping of the year. At least every cloud has a silver lining right ? So below you can find some ideas on everything, from pencils and notebooks to homecoming dresses and comfy t-shirts. I hope you will like it !


 Good Morning guys ! It's less than two weeks before school is about to start. It freaks me out so much how quickly does the time fly ... I feel like summer just started, but it flew by just like in a minute. It is not a super ' emotional ' time for me, although I spent some nice time by the seaside with family and the whole rest peacefully at home.


It's been a while. For some time I felt like I totally gave up with writing, but I am gonna try not to do it completely. Let's be honest, I am going to write from time to time without forcing myself to do this. It is a kind of sad thing, but I am afraid I lost this old passion and motivation to running this site. I can't say I don't like fashion anymore, but I just find a lot of stuff way much more important.