From comfy outfits and homecoming dresses to notebooks and cute pencils

School year is about to start veryyy soon ( even too soon haha ). I thought that it's a good time to prepare a good portion of inspiration, because who doesn't love this whole supplies-outfit preparations ? For me it is the best shopping of the year. At least every cloud has a silver lining right ? So below you can find some ideas on everything, from pencils and notebooks to homecoming dresses and comfy t-shirts. I hope you will like it !


 Good Morning guys ! It's less than two weeks before school is about to start. It freaks me out so much how quickly does the time fly ... I feel like summer just started, but it flew by just like in a minute. It is not a super ' emotional ' time for me, although I spent some nice time by the seaside with family and the whole rest peacefully at home.


It's been a while. For some time I felt like I totally gave up with writing, but I am gonna try not to do it completely. Let's be honest, I am going to write from time to time without forcing myself to do this. It is a kind of sad thing, but I am afraid I lost this old passion and motivation to running this site. I can't say I don't like fashion anymore, but I just find a lot of stuff way much more important. 


 Hi ! What's up ? I hope you are fine. About me, I am recently the happiest person I have been for very few months. Why ? AAA I don't actually know ? Ha ha. I guess it is a mix of weather which is A-awesome, the summer ahead and all the great stuff happening around. It is like I don't feel like myself. I wake up at 5.30 am myself, I go for a jogging, I go to school, take part in extra classes, gym. After I come back home I go for a run with my mum I learn. And surprisingly I ain't extremely dying from exhaustion like I used to during last months.


 Yesterday I decided to cut my hair even shorter than few months ago. Every long hair girl nows what does it mean haha. When you slowly get used to having that lob after having long hair whole life. And when my hair were grown more I decided to make them short  again, but now it's little shorter. I hope I will like it haha.


 Good Morning everybody ! Today  have for you two proposition on how to wear the hottest trend ! Denim skirt ! It's a really great piece to have in your closet. Very universal, very comfortable and very good looking.  You can compare it with so many pieces ! You just need to have it ! I chose to wear two different tops, both are light and both look amazing !


How lovely to start the day with thought that you have a whole free week ahead ;) Because of the finals whole next week I don't have to go to school and finally after all this snow and rain weather is gorgeous ! And also as I promised here it is ! New article not after a month ha ha. Today I also took photos for the new one which is going to be up soon so be sure to check it out !


Good evening everybody ! It seems like a normal day isn’t it? But it’s not. Today is a second anniversary of VICIRAGE ! Not as loud as last year but also very important for me ! It feels so emotional when you put your hart into something, do it with passion and look for results. It all makes me wanna cry, I've been creating it during bigger part of last year ... and then came the time when I like forgot ...