It has been a while since I've been here. For past few months, I was considering posting here as past experience, no longer happening. Past few weeks happened to be quite tough though and as I was feeling really down for a couple of reasons, the thing I started thinking of doing was posting. Giving your thoughts and ideas a chance to create a flow of words really helps to deal with a lot of stuff. So here I am, writing again. Most of this blog's readers probably forgot about it a while ago, but it doesn't matter. I am back with a slightly different approach. A lot changed over the past year and I've also changed that is why I am gonna focus also on things less superficial than just fashion, although, I still find this topic extremely interesting.

Most importantly, I want to focus more on traveling, as for past few years I really started to wrap my life around it. I literally started getting obsessive with not visiting new places for too long, that is why I have quite a bit of past trips to share, and I really want to share them here in particular as this place has always been kind of escape for me. Started with a simple love for fashion, but it has always been also a way to fight with struggles, sometimes lack self-confidence, bullying. From today's perspective, I can admit that this blog made me a person I am today, more confident, outgoing, trying to do my best, no matter what others think of that.

So coming back to traveling, started with the most recent experience, three days ago I just got back from Lviv, Ukraine. I flew there for a week to visit my boyfriend ( looks weird in the blog of ms. independent ) and I did not expect how much I am gonna love this city. I know I tend to get overexcited about places I visit and literally see only superlatives, but Lviv had a vibe I never experienced before. A fact that it was a polish city for years made me feel like I am home, but I really wasn't. The entire city is shining with gold, outstanding architecture, rich cafes, and chocolateries. This city is a mix of so many cultures and it makes it feel unique.

Another thing that I think makes this city magical is the fact that it was a city of the aristocracy, it was extremely wealthy, whereas now the city cannot really afford to renovate all those buildings, making the whole city center look like a falling empire. That is the impression I've got. Music playing around the city, the beautiful Opera overlooking the city center, overwhelming churches plotted between the buildings. And finally, restaurants. Being from Eastern / Central Europe and having an opportunity of eating my favorite, nearly home cuisine made me happy like a child. I literally feel like I've doubled in size during that tripe, but it doesn't matter, it was absolutely worth it.

I do not want to make this post to long, I am experiencing an insane flow of writing at the moment, however, I want to keep something for later. My resolution is to really build this blog again, make it my diary again. Especially that I do not live in Poland anymore, I completely changed the environment and I can really share different opinions on many things, I want to take that opportunity and do so. So below I am living many amazing pictures from Lviv. Enjoy and see you soon!

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