Hello, everybody! Well, I know I know, everyone almost thought it is the very end of Vicirage... but here I am again. It's been quite a long time since I posted anything here, but I had, let's say, an intensive time in my life. Well, I still have. I own you a huge update on what's up in my life, what I've been doing. Today I will try to make up at least the most important facts. So... enjoy!

First of all, I just started my senior year at high-school which is the very last one to complete, and survive. I had a plan to do some blogging during the summer time, but events accumulated so greatly that during the whole vacation time I had 4 days off ( not counting the time I was recovering after a major accident I had last day of June; it made me stay in bed for 2 weeks). 

Starting off with what was going on from February until summer. I was spending 99% of my time studying and doing my best at school, preparing for various competitions and exams. I passed SATs in June ( which is related to another passionating story of what I had to go through, maybe I will post about that later ), gained a certificate in Economics, got into summer school and completed kinda a lot of different extracurricular activities to build up my academic portfolio. 

I also focused on my health, since that school year was very exhausting. I was watching what I eat and exercising a lot.  I felt incredible, however, I had an accident which destroyed it all, but it doesn't really matter. After I recovered, the best time of my life started, with the weekend in Prague. It's funny, 'cause we made it to Prague by accident thanks to my dad. Long story, but it was amazing!

The first day we spent in Poland in Wałbrzych, visiting the Ksiaz castle, which was sooo amazing! Seriously one of the best places I've seen in Poland. The next day we left to Prague for two days.  I'd never been there before and I have to admit I loved this city. It's very old but well kept. All those tiny streets and gorgeous views are really impressive. 

Another fact, which for a bookworm is super exciting, is that the most beautiful library in the entire world is located there as well as Shakespeare bookstore. I had a truly exceptional time to remember there with my parents. 

I am glad I spent such an amazing weekend with them before I left for the summer school three days later. This is the main part of my vacation, my dreams come true, the beginning of my American story. About that I am going to prepare a set of very special and emotional for me articles, so stay tuned! 


  1. You have a good time plan, very cool. You will have a bright future.

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