How lovely to start the day with thought that you have a whole free week ahead ;) Because of the finals whole next week I don't have to go to school and finally after all this snow and rain weather is gorgeous ! And also as I promised here it is ! New article not after a month ha ha. Today I also took photos for the new one which is going to be up soon so be sure to check it out !

A beautiful day, escapeand  a little trip. You know, just the magic of a day with family away. I love moments like this one by the sea. You have time to be happy and clear your minds ;). That is why I chose this super cozy outfit. Black leggings which are a complete base and very light but warm sweater in dark blue. To make the outfit complete I chose a pair of black newbalance shoes.  And that's all. I wish you all an amazing weekend. I go to prepare for BBQ with family and don't forget to stay updated !

outfit of the day:
Sweater: Tommy Hilfinger 
Shoes: New Balance 
Leggings: Gatta 
Sunnies: Tahari 


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