Good evening everybody ! It seems like a normal day isn’t it? But it’s not. Today is a second anniversary of VICIRAGE ! Not as loud as last year but also very important for me ! It feels so emotional when you put your hart into something, do it with passion and look for results. It all makes me wanna cry, I've been creating it during bigger part of last year ... and then came the time when I like forgot ...

You must believe, this blog is one of the best things which ever met me, which I've created. It made me happy, creative, more thankful for what I have, humble and insane. You must see me right now haha all crying haha. It's because I've just realized how much I did and almost lost ... I just went through all these 117 articles from last year of the blog, YES 117 ! And it's amazing... So many travels... So many smiles... and so many positive words. It seems that I've changed more than I thought. I see it ... 

Here I should say thank you to my most amazing photographer on earth, you may think professionalist for who I was paying, I was with so much love to this incredible woman. Thank you, mum ! And also my little girl, my sister who was helping so many times during the photo shoots, even in -15 when we were all freezing and at Korcula in 37 haha. You're both amazing ! 

I worked with so many amazing brands, did so many collabs, got so many nice comments from you, so much happiness ! I just can't believe ! I hope you will like the photos and I will try to change ! Now I'm going to try harder than never ! 


  1. Congratulations! Love photos ♥

  2. All these pictures are beautiful! Thanks a ton for sharing these pictures. We celebrated Christmas at a party venue Houston and had a great fun there. All family members were there and spent a great time with each other after such a long time.


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