I am touched. It is just curious that this place is almost dead. It's time to change it. Reactivate this blog and throw it a life again. It's been a while, I know. After this long period of time, I am back here to explain, apologize and change everything. I decided to give this blog some more, fresh and new energy. Let's say goodbye to the way I took care of it for last few months...

In the beginning, I just wanted to say that last time was like crazy to me. I had to face all the competitions, end of the trimester and all the exams which I happily passed. That it was a little time a needed to take a rest. Really take a rest. I almost disappeared from Instagram and Facebook. My phone was lying not used in my room during free time at home and I wanted to live my life. And I've changed something in my life. I understood that media are not everything. But about this, I will write another article ;)

Today I wanted to introduce you a very nice post with some beautiful photos from my stay in Spain which took place almost two months ago. I just can't believe how quickly is the time passing. That's insane. The sun, fruits, sea and friends. This few words can describe the journey perfectly, don't they? The colours of photos are just amazing and like breathtaking for me making me feel back in this amazing place again ...


  1. You looks very pretty. Have a nice day.

  2. Que fotos tan bonitas, me encantan:)
    Besos de Chic Nice and Cool

  3. Don't worry! Everybody need a rest and social medias are not so importnat how we sometimes think:) Amazing photos!

    Mój blog - klik

  4. Twoje zdjęcia są świetne! :) Mam pytanie. Jakim aparatem są robione?


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