Good Morning loves! How was your weekend? Hope everything is great! My last week was really hardworking. You know the competition and all this stuff. But the weekend was the complete opposite. It was an idyll! I spent some time with my friends, chilled out, watched some movies and all this comfy, funny stuff. It was so nice to keep calm a little bit.

But today, I'm going back to school, only for a week, but I haven't been there for a quite long time so I will have a lot to do, you know to catch up with others. Perks of having some time off ha ha. And then, the time I'm waiting for! Winter break! It will be a completely amazing time and I can't wait to fly to Valencia to visit my best friend! I haven't seen her since the Amsterdam last year.

I have also another great news, which you might already recognize from the pictures. We have snow here! It's all white everywhere and I'm like crazy about it! I hate winter actually, but snow changes everything! The world becomes incredible with the gorgeous views. It's like I feel like Christmas is just coming there even when it just past. Amazing ha ha. So wish you an absolutely perfect and happy week and see you soon!


outfit of the day:
Sweater: ZARA
Scarf: Zara
Lips: MAC plumpfull
Knitted Hat: 4F


  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz!

  2. So cute :)

  3. świetne zdjęcia! sweterek jest świetny, w ogóle fajnie wszystko dobrałaś, wyglądasz pięknie <3
    Mój blog - klik! ;)

  4. These images in the snow look so beautiful!
    Kinga x

  5. rewelacja! cudne kolory, moje ulubione :)

  6. You look so pretty! the snow looks beautiful!

  7. jak słodko :-) piękny zimowy zestaw :-) obserwuję!!


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