Wow ! It's been more that three weeks ... I'm so sorry ... It's like everything in my life has changed. I'm absolutely different person now. I have different motivation different destination. it's long to say about ... I thing it's not a serious talk for today, because it's almost 2 am when I'm writing this post and I have to wake up at 4, because I'm leaving to Dresden today for a little trip, just to make a break and feel the Christmas.

Lately I'm just spending all my free time on learning and going for the classes during the weekend. I feel like I'm completely out of life and it scary me a lot, but it's just happening. I turned 16 last week. It was a gorgeous time for me, with family and friends, but I understood. I'm growing up ! In 2 years I will be an adult. I need to highly focus on my future. I feel like I'm less creative lately and not happy about that, but I'm starting to understand the world.

Today I will not be writing about the outfit. I think that If now I'm writing not so often it's just a waste of time. We need to stay motivated, work hard and be grateful. What's most important, always want more ! Fashion is just an armour. You need to understand it !

outfit of the day:
Watch : Timex
Sweater: Top Shop
Leggings: Zara
Jacket: Kappahl 


  1. Love it :)

  2. Świetnie wyglądasz, cudowny sweterek, zakochałam się bardzo w takich szarościach :)

  3. Twoje zdjęcia są cudowne, niesamowity klimat :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, mój blog/KLIK :))

  4. tfu jaki szal, sweter mi chodziło. bredzę już z tej choroby :P

  5. Świetne zdjęcia!

  6. You look amazing! Love your style!


  7. lovely looks!

  8. Cool pics love it!

  9. Your face is very handsome. I like your


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