Do you have moments, that you stop and think " Wow, my life is great ". Even when I have problems like: I have noting to wear ( when your wardrobe is quite full ), my friend don't have time for me lately and I just broke my IPhone. Let's look at all this things from a little different side. We have everything we need and sometimes just something have to go wrong. Because without pain we can't see the happiness. And that's normal. That's why optimism is the best thing on earth. You should remember that after all the sad stories are the better ones.

I started with this " motivation " paragraph. You can ask me: why ? Because the fall is coming, the most depressive moments of the year, when days are shorter and it's so shitty outside. That's why I try to give you this energy and just try to make you feel a little bit more inspirited to start the day. You should think about what I wrote. And let the beautiful day begin !

The look. Three words about it ? Comfy, glamorous and clingy. It's good sometimes to add a bit of class to the look ( the necklace is soo insane ). Also I haven't been wearing a lot of colours last time. Don't worry I think that sometimes is good to have a period of time to dress up almost in black, gray, white, just to clean up your style. Have a gorgeous day loves ! 

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Top Shop
Shoes: Sinsay
Jacket: Lee
Necklace and Trousers: Only
Bag: Louis Vuitton


  1. The simplicity of this outfit is simply superb. I really like that denim jacket....you look gorgeous!

    I'm sometimes an incurable optimist and sometimes I'm quite melanchonic.


  2. In love with this outfit!♥

  3. This is all sooo beautiful! I love the quilts. Have recently started following your blog and I love your style!
    DAV School Unigorms


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !