Hello Friday ! The best of the week ! Finally I can think about weekend…  it’s going to be absolutely amazing. I just can’t wait. The first, complete week of school done and I must admit I’m tied as hell. Even when I’m waking up everyday with a smile I’m tired, because of learning so much. But I can do it ! Just believe in yourself ! You can do whatever you want! Now it’s the best time to chill out. Yas ! The best time !

School life is going on. It’s also a really great way to play with fashion. And here I’m going to show you another way to wear the super comfy sweater which I showed you in the latest article. More glamorous kind of a look. More chic, but warm and still really comfortable. It’s like my perfect proposition for the fall school days and mornings which are so freezing. Especially when I hate cold so much. Oh summer please come back !

I also wanted to share with you some propositions of dresses. The beginning of school is also connected with all the festivities, parties and you know :). So I found an absolutely amazing page - QueenHomecoming. The have a lot of Cheap Homecoming Dresses which are really amazing. All the colours are just fantastic and I think there’s also a one fantastic way to dress up occasionally and be unique. Recipe ? Let’s wear a Two Piece Dress ! I know, you can think that need a perfect flat belly, but it’s not true, you just have to get a great dress !

So let’s start the weekend. I wish you to have a fantastic time. Kisses ! 


  1. The sweater is so cool and very chic style!

  2. Beautiful look! ;)

  3. Love outfit and sweater is nice!:)


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