Monday madness again ! Today I’m going to show you a couple of pics from New York Fashion Week ! The fw season started and I must completely honestly admit that it’s so magnificent and just beautiful ! I’m watching as many shows as I can, but it’s a little bit hard during the school year especially ( the school year should start after the fw season ). And I’m also going to post some outfit look this week, not today, because my photographer just came back from a little trip ha ha. So come on and check the list of this best looks !

The big city, great designers, thousands of fashion personalities and so many ways to play, to mix and to discover. Creativity in the air and beauty on runways. It’s like a dream for all the fashion lovers to attend shows. I hope that maybe in the future I will visit the fashion week to. So I chose the looks in my current mood, simple, classic and almost black. I know, you can think it's a bit overwhelming, but I think that black is a power of good vibes and class. I just love this colour currently.


  1. Great post:)

  2. Sporo trendów mi się podoba ;)


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