Good Morning loves ! It’s like Tuesday and I must admit that the week started very, very well. Today I woke up with a lot of new energy and I’m so motivated to have a great day. Even when I know that today I’m going to spend more time at school and it’s cold as hell, yes the weather is clearly shitty, I’m so happy to start the new day ! Avocado toast, coffee and let’s go off to the school… Okay first something for you ! The article I’ve been trying to publish for three days. Why ? Because my wi-fi is officially dying. But here it is !

Sweater weather season can be officially opened ! It was cold, windy, rainy and I had probably the worst day ever. I mean I hate cold and the first cold days. I can’t live without sun and the hot air. But sadly polish summer is to short for me and it’s time to open this part of your wardrobe with coats, sweaters and long trousers. Oh come one sun can you visit us again ! 

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Top Shop
Shoes: Sinsay
Sweater: Franco Callegari


  1. też nie przepadam za chłodnymi dniami, ale co zrobić. ładny ten sweterek :)

  2. Love the color of the sweatshirt, cute outfit!:)


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