Good Morning loves ! Oh my God ! It;s two weeks since I wrote the latest article and I feel so terrible without writing for you. So much was happening last couple of days. As you may noticed, I visited London. With my best friend we decided to visit this gorgeous city for a week. I wanted to make this trip in a really light way like a normal teenager and to make a little break on the blog, but here I am again !

So it was pretty exciting to go to such a beautiful city without parents. I went with my friend for a kind of trip organised especially for teenagers. We've been sleeping in British families with other young people and it was the best choice ever, because I met a lot of amazing people who became being my friends.

Those days were crazy, the time was passing really quickly, we've been sightseeing as much as possible, running around the city, doing some shopping, traveling without shopping isn't travelling right ?! I will never forget this travel and I must admit now London is my absolutely favourite city.Let's take a look for INSTAGRAM ans SNAPCHAT story !

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