It's Sunday ! And this one is a pretty good one, because I'm travelling again ! I'm leaving in like 5 minutes ! To Warsaw, the biggest city in our country. Can't wait too ! So last couple of days was normal, boring, nothing special, but I'm so sad, because of fact that only two weeks of summer break left ! High school is coming ! It will be a great year. A lot of new friends and so on !

I must admit that like for three days I'm obsessed with back to school YouTube tutorials and diy-s ! Buying school supplies has always been my favourite thing on earth. I'm also redecorating my room, again. This time gold is going to the top !

Outfit which I've been wearing during last trip, last weekend. Absolutely favourite piece right now, comfy combo, overall from ZAFUL.COM . I can't get enough of wearing it. It's beautiful and the fabric is so soft. It's like absolutely fantastic piece for travelling or surviving hot days, which I absolutely love !



  1. sliczna torebka!

  2. Piękna stylizacja!

  3. Bardzo fajny kombinezon :)

  4. Beautiful look and photos ;)

  5. Wyglądasz przepięknie! Świetne zdjęcia :)!

  6. Ładny blog i zdjęcia! Ciekawy post. Zapraszam do mnie ♥


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