Good Morning loves ! Monday, last free day, last day of summer. Sadly and happily in one time the school starts ! I’s time to learn again, but I’m starting high school what makes me super crazy and excited about tomorrow. It will be a great year, full of new adventures, experiences, I’m going to meet a lot of new friends. It will be like another part of my life and now I can feel and I can see how quickly is the time passing. Three years of high school. Oh I just can’t wait, but don’t want to learn for all the classes, tests. It’s funny how crazy feeling we can have before the school starts.

Another completely crazy thing is that the summer past so quickly. It’s like it was just taking part in a prom, being happy about the summer starts and now it’s time to buy school supplies. I don’t even know when this two months passed, the fastest two months of my life. But come on, I have some good memories, a lot of new Friends I can’t be sad, let’s stay optimistic and smile tomorrow ! I will write you soon how it was.

But thankfully it’s still pretty warm and I can choose some cute dresses and I found the perfect bohemian one ! Made of super soft fabric, in beautiful colours and it’s just super light and super comfy. I just love finding perfect pieces like this one. Compared with black espadrilles makes a great combo to wear just everyday. So I hope you will love the photos. Can’t wait to write for you soon. Bye !

outfit of the day:
Dress: Bershka
Earring: Claire's


  1. Great Look Dear! :-) Hello from Poland :-* Kiss

  2. Your dress is stunning, and so are all of these photos. Have fun in school!

  3. Wow stunning pictures <33

  4. Such a cute outfit - you look lovely!
    Layla x

  5. Gorgeous style, suits you very well. Like your blog a lot!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :)


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