14 / 07 / 2015

 You also have days when you decide to change something in your style ? It's like you're checking your daily Instagram feed and in one moment you see a photo with completely different colours, which is so much inspiring. Then you check the whole account and feel so inspired. To take your photos in another way, to dress up in different way and just become different in this creative side of your life. That's what i think happened to me. i don't even know how long I will try to change my style for this black dominated. Clear, but strong.

Happily fashion is the thing to change. Only I can decided what I'm going to wear and that's what let me transform even everyday If I want. It's nice to wear clothes in a bit darker side. More mysterious and insane for me right now. Every person who like to play with fashion is changing it's view for the style everyday and that's beautiful. Without that thing the world is boring. I can't imagine all the people dressed up in the same way for all the time.

Summer is going on. Everything is so perfect. Wakeing up at 9am ( for me it's so late, normaly I like to wake up at about 7am haha ), working out, meeting with friends and trying new things. Yesterday for example I had a good portion of fun while trying wakeboarding with my sis. The weather is shitty, but it doesn't metter when you have so much fun.

outfit of the day:
Bag: Reserved
Trousers: Top Shop 
Top: H&M
Necklace: Stradivarius 


  1. Prosto, ale bardzo ładnie :)
    Proszę o poklikanie w linki w ostatnim poście ♥

  2. Lovely look and photos! :)


  3. You look simple and comfy, my favorite!


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