Good Morning from paradise peeps. So day 3 just started, I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing. Two days ago we had fabulous dinner in the restaurant by the sea with our Croatian friends and the view was completely breathtaking, but food was more than delicious. I’m a super huge fan of seafood so this stay right here is for me a part of heaven of earth. So this night was really amazing especially that after dinner our friends took us for a little walk around the village where they live and where we live for a moment.

Yesterday was out and about in mountains to see the most beautiful monuments, lakes and small villages. I must say that I’ve seen this lakes in Internet or a book with beautiful places of Europe, but in reality it’s something, something unbelievable. So we’ve been walking around blue and red lake for about 2 hours and then we went to the old city in this village to drink some lemonade and take some photos of course. Then we decided to go for a dinner to a place with a beautiful balcony from where you can see Bosnia&Herzegovina. it was really magical experience to eat my favourite prawns with such a  beautiful view in front of me. Later on we went back. Also the road was gorgeous, because it was really high in mountains . View was just amazing and I must say that I will never forget this experience. 

For today our plan is to chill in, because next days will be very, very intensive and I just can’t wait to tell you more. Photos to this post were taken during the dinner by the sea while watching the sunset wearing HAWIK shirt, which is absolutely chic and comfy and I compared it with striped shorts. To give more elegance to the look I chose a gold bracelet. So I hope you will like the look, follow me on social media to see the actual experience and have a nice day !


  1. Beautiful sunset and photos ;)


  2. Nice photos you beautiful girl. You look amazing :)



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