Good Morning everybody ! So that's the end of my crazy traveling time and I'm a bit sad because of this fact, but nothing hurts, because the end of school year is upcoming really quickly.  In two weeks I will be finally free, oh I just can't wait to ha ha. So yeah in few minutes I have to leave to school, how much I love this writing in hurry before school, because then I'm the most inspired. So current posts are all about the memories from Croatia at least, because there I took hundreds of great pictures to show you let's start with going back to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is clearly the southern city of Croatia and to go there by car we have to go across a part of Bosnia&Herzegovina. When I was on my way to Croatia we haven't been planning this trip it was really spontaneity, it was just like during the dinner my parent's friend told us about this city and that he loved his trip there two years ago and we decided to go there next day. Lovely, isn't it ?! Dubrovnik, the city of Game of Thrones, surrounded by the sea, all is crazy about the old city and castle in this city, and I'm absolutely sure with it, because it was so fantastic to see this place.

Even when those day we had 35 degrees and I felt like a fish on a grill we did it with a bottle of cold Orangina in a hand  and I will absolutely never forget it. This views will always stay in my mind and also about Bosnia, I were only in two towns, but I must say that's completely different world. I just can't write about my feeling to this place, it's just like you cross the border and everything is different, it's like different style, different buildings and I'm sure different culture.

My clothing had to be absolutely light, that's why i chose this dress, cute sandals and the most comfortable way to wear a backpack. So please hype on LOOKBOOK and see you soon !

outfit of the day:
Dress: H&M
Sunnies: Sinsay 
Shoes: Top Shop
Backpack: Louis Vuitton 

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  1. Dubrovnik is so beautiful!! I love your photos and your dress is so cute!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! I followed you on GFC and I'll leave the link to my blog if you would like to follow back :)



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