Hello everyone ! I hope you all had a really fabulous weekend, my sadly was boring as hell, but it doesn't matter. Weather was ugly as it was raining almost all the time. It was just like wearing a super cozy pyjama and lying in bed or watching TV. I hate to spend time like this, but sometimes you just don't have any other way to spend your free time so...

Let's go back to the time, about week ago when it was really hot and we really had an opportunity to feel the summer. It was like on a vacation. But ended really quickly so there's no more reasons to be happy about weather. Obviously I've been wearing then  super comfy and oh really beautiful suit from Dresslink which is really amazing, because of this unique print and it's form. Suit is going back to fashion, because it looks really amazing !

I think I felt in love with this way of dressing for the summer and I will be looking for me stylization like this. It's also good to play with accessories a bit, because they really can look insane ! For example flash tattoos, which are so popular right now, just everyone want to wear them and I really love them too ! So I chose few of them to compare with today's look.

The last question is a bag. I bought this one in a really cute Croatian shop and it's so nice and really comfortable, because it's very spacious even when it looks like it's small. S thank you for reading, don't forget to follow me on social media and LOOKBOOK. Bye !

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