Hello peeps ! So yesterday I just came back from Krakow from a super school trip, which sadly was the last one with my class. We saw a lot and I really felt in love with Krakow ( it was my very first time there ). Last day was very special, because we had a bit of fun at the first fun park in Poland with role coasters and so on. Then about 8 hour in a bus to back home. I will never forget this trip and it was so good.

Today is going to be pretty full of work and I'm so sorry that I haven't been publishing so much for last three weeks. It was so crazy to survive, but I'm so grateful for this experience of crazy travelling ha ha. For better I can say that now I'm going to write everyday to show you all the photos i collected in last weeks, because I have really a lot of them and they are really amazing.

This ones are made during a super typical beach kind of a day in Drasnice ( from my stay in Croatia ). It's like well known to you way of wearing white my me. Broken with a striped blazer. This second one is a really great piece to protect from sun, for example when you're setting in a beach bar and sun is just burning your arms. I loved it ! Also my lovely sunnies are a really great part of the look, don't forget to protect you eyes ;).

Have a nice day ! Stay updated !

outfit of the day:
Blazer: HAWIK
Sunnies: H&M 
Dress: Stradivrius 


  1. Świetna stylizacja :) Bardzo mi się podoba!

  2. Piękna stylizacja, genialne zdjęcia :):)

  3. ou sunglases are the best! I love sunglasses <3


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