Good Morning folks ! So actually I'm in near to Krakow with my class on a trip, sadly our last one. Today we're off right in few minutes to an old salt mine. It's a very popular touristic attraction here in Poland, but I'm able to see it first time today. I just can't wait too ! So we have a really great time here and last two days were also a kind of very crazy, after coming back from Croatia Sunday morning, quick repacking and going off yesterday.

It was like sleepless week, because you know on holidays you choose to spend time on doing something funny, great, unforgettable than to sleep. So I slept really a little and this two nights were completely addicted to packing, editing photos and doing last shopping to be completely ready for the next upcoming adventure. I must even admit that it was the worst packing session of my life, because I was so tired that I had no new ideas for looks, outfits, it was really spontaneous and sadly I can't take any photos for you, because it's a class trip ha ha, even if I'm in such a beautiful place.

In return I've got for you some beautiful pics taken in such a beautiful place in Makarska during the most magical sunset I've ever seen so I hope you gonna like it as much as me ha ha. I'm just impressed by the landscape, I mean mountains, colours, sea and all the rocks around. This place is near to the most popular beach of Makarska Riviera and I can't wait to say that I just felt in love with this place. It's amazing how beautiful the nature can be.

Those days were very, very hot, it was about 35, so I've been thinking about clothing in two categories: light and soft. I mean I chose the most comfortable pieces I had in my closet during Croatian stay. It was like very soft, bumpy shorts and over sized, sleeveless top with a colorful print ( you may know that i hate prints but during the summer we can wear all everything connected with colours and different styles I think). As details I chose sandals, which i hope you saw in the latest article connected with sunset. Also I found a place for my best piece during this trip, which is Louis Vuitton backpack which I love so much.

Okay, I'm so happy that I had a possibility to take photos in such a beautiful location and I'm just impressed by the effects. I know that I make a little spam, but I'm just happy like a child and in second way a bit sad, that I had to go back from a real paradise. I hope you will check the blog, because now I'm publishing the best moments from my Croatian trip. Stay updated and have a nice day ! See you on Vicirage !

outfit of the day:
Bermudas: Promod
Top: Stradivarius
Backpack: Louis Vuitton
Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte
Shoes: Top Shop


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