That's exactly what my mum said when she heard that I want to go down to see the turquoise lake in Imotski. It's one of two the most mysterious lakes in Europe. The water is unbelievable and trust me I've never seen something like this before. To see it from a special balcony we had to go through 400 steps, to go down to lake 1000, but I didn't have special shoes to go the second way, because there were a lot rocks and so on. Going down was a hard thing, it was like 35, in sun I think 45, so it was hot as hell, everybody was very thirsty after going up to see the old castle ( another 500 steps ), but we did it ! And the view was amazing. Sadly when we went there my camera set off, because it has a low battery and who forgot to take second one from the car ? Me of course so I have only  two photos made by my dad's friend ha ha.

Those day was clearly amazing, because we have seen so much. From Going thru the park of lakes to eating a dinner with a view for mountains, Bosnia&Herzegovina and sea. I must admit that I haven't been a passionate of sightseeing before this trip, but now i love it ! ( I still hate boring museums ha ha ). We've been strolling also thru the old town and eating delicious ice-cream and sipping Orangina, you know in Croatia you can buy it everywhere. When it's so hot it's the best thing on earth, you have to try it !

I've been talking about clothes in last article HERE. This one was made to tell you a bit about sightseeing and that's what I actually did. So I went back yesterday morning and started repacking, because tomorrow I'm leaving again to Krakow with my class and I hope we will have a lovely time. Bye !


  1. You look wonderful, I love it.


  2. LOVE the color of the sunglasses, so original and so classy :)

    Bisous from France,
    *-* Sand. *-*


  3. Bardzo fajne zdjęcia :3

  4. Wow! That place is everything! I love your casual outfit <3


  5. so cute!
    xoxo from Italy

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  6. Hey, I was there year ago, beautiful place. I hope you had great time there ;) BTW great blog, love it ;)


  7. wow, amazing post! &l love your outfit!! Thanks for sharing.



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