Good Morning guys ! Another beautiful day at Makarska Riviera just started like everyday from ringing bells and visiting the local shop to buy their traditional corn bread which is really delicious, I don’t even know how I will survive when will go back home. Now I’m waiting for the breakfast at the balcony and then we’re off to Korcula by boat. However I think that I don’t want to catch even a bit more of sun, because my skin is too dark already. I heard that this Island is really beautiful and I'm really happy to visit it. We decided to not make a kind of vacation, you know only to lie on the beach but also to visit sth and now one day we go to see something another. It’s so beautiful isn’t it ?

Few days ago we’ve been visiting to the most beautiful places in mountains and around Makarska Riviera to catch up some beautiful views, walk around beautiful lakes and old city Imotski which was absolutely incredible. It was hot as hell, but we’ve been gently walking upper and upper in mountains. The view ? Unforgettable ! The sun ? Strong!
The mountains ? Incredible ! It’s the hardest thing on earth to express what I felt when was right in the place where I took photos which you can see right below this text.

As I said sun was shooting with it’s hot energy and it was a bit hard to survive so I needed to cover my arms a bit to not to burn them, that’s why I chose something very light, but long-sleeved to put on, it was like a the best decision during this summer holidays ha ha. I know that it sound funny, but it’s really important to stay healthy all the time around. This nice, delicate and girly piece is by HAWIK, which makes really pretty clothes of really good quality. What about the rest ? That’s the standard equipment for summer I mean shorts and top without sleeves. I also discovered again my sandals which were a perfect chose for a such long day of walking around.

That's the first part of photos from those day, the rest I will show you soon !


  1. Amazing photos :)


  2. great pics :))


  3. Such a beautiful place!

    Xo ♡
    Rute (Made in the 90's)

  4. The view looks amazing, have fun!
    Also love the outfit, it's perfect for the summer (can we also talk about the kimono, please?!)
    Followed you on instagram, love it! my username is @so.damn.reckless
    Kisses from London
    Kinga x


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