Hello my loves ! So many things are happening right now that's I don't have so much time to post for you and I'm really super, super sad about it, but it's last school week madness connected with my prom ( it take place on Tuesday and it was amazing ), my graduation today and spending as much time with my friends as possible. It's like my last week when probably we are together in one class and school and for me it's such a shame ! I gonna show you photos from my Prom soon, but now let's go back to ...

To the time when I was just back form Croatia and it was really hot, not like the last week when the weather is all around ten degrees and it's raining without any break. I feel like it's an autumn or something near to. I can't imagine that it's January and I have to wear jacket ! It's terrible and sadly it can last until the end of next week.

All about this outfit is classy and cozy. I really was in hurry those days while repacking between my Croatian trip and class trip to Krakow which was really amazing too. I don't usually dress this way, but I really loved this outfit while was crazy about shopping and sipping coffee to not fall asleep. Okay it's time to go love you ! Oh and I dyed my hair let's go to instagram too see it ! Bye !

outfit of the day:
Shorts: H&M
Shirt: Top Shop
Watch: Quartz 
Ring : DKNY


  1. ohhh I loved the post ... these gorgeous outfits with this
    You in Bajoelsombrerodesusan

  2. Cudne zestawienie! Pięknie wyglądasz :)

  3. Świetna stylizacja. Wyglądasz w niej idealnie. Masz super figurę. Będę tu częściej zaglądać i czekam na nowe stylizacje.
    Zapraszam też na mojego bloga
    Będę wdzięczna za obserwację. :)

  4. very nice and comfy casual!

  5. Świetna stylizacja! Bardzo mi się podoba ;))

  6. Great classic and simple outfit!! Love it :)
    Kisses from Portugal


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