Good Morning ! Finally repaired my wireless, because this week is waiting for you since Thursday. It's like always when you're super prepared for a new, exciting post, you have to destroy your laptop or so on ha ha. But finally it is ! Classic, simple, just my favourite way to dress on cozy day. It's like Saturday and time to chill out currently. Yesterday I finally ended learning this year and it's time to take a little break ! Let;s start the weekend before very exciting, upcoming week.

White shirt is all about simplicity closed in one colour, compared with the most comfortable kind of jeans, I mean baggy ones. Very popular right now, but not typical for me and that's all about the fun of wearing it. Everything compose a super nice and chic outfit emanating with a class. Total look you can find on HAWIK. It's like a fresh and girly look, but to make it fuller I chose a very delicate neckles, featuring too a necklace with feathers. A bit of orange to warm the look and this sunglasses ! How nice to borrow pieces from your mum's closet ha ha.

Messy hair, almost no-makeup and that's all. to keep the fresh look, natural smile and bright skin. After catching the sun I clearly don't need any foundation and that's the next reason why I love summer so much ! Have a nice day, even when I see that it's rainy as hell outside! 


  1. Super wyglądasz, ponadczasowe połączenie :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Mój blog/ KLIK :))

  2. good outfit :)

  3. Love this casual outfit, especially your beautiful shirt! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
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