Hello folks ! So it's like middle of the week and I'm just waiting for a weekend. I started the week with a such a great portion of optimism and now I'm as tired as I don't have more power to do anything. That's all because of weather, last corrections in my marks at school, before the end next week ( I can't wait to ). Even when I go to bed at 10 pm I'm all about dying. But let's go back to better times, times when I was visiting Korcula.

It was the last day before leaving to Poland and we decided to visit one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. After sailing for three hours we finally reached the destination. The view was amazing and I can't believe how much I loved this landscape. All the old buildings in colours of the sand, sea blue as nothing more in the world and this shade of green, typical for hotter places in the world. We had not more than three hours to make a super quick sightseeing session on the island, but come on,  it was 35 degrees. Who can survive it ?!

So even when it was Marco Polo's island and it was so interesting after a bit more than hour with been all ... on the beach ha ha. Swimming in the sea. It was so good to swim in fresh, cold water. That's why I survived those day I think ha ha. Then just a quick dinner and off back to my city, but it was so nice to stroll through this small streets, full of local shops ( that's what I love ) and ice-cream factories. Dressing up a super comfy combo. All about shades of white...

It was a really quick, but amazing experience. I miss my Croatian trip so much, but summer is coming so maybe next trips too ? Have a nice day peeps and see you soon !

outfit of the day:
Shorts: House
Top: H&M
Blazer: Hawik 
Shoes: Ryłko


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