Good Morning everybody ! So last couple of days were pretty crazy. It was all about packing, learning and drinking coffee. I’ve been doing as much as possible to get ready for a trip and do all the current things at school, because I’m leaving during the school year right ? So I did it, I survived and finally yesterday we started out journey. It was about 18 hour in the car with my parents and their friends. It was pretty crazy, because it’s quite far away ( a mean from Poland to Croatia), but it was worth.Now I’m just sitting on the balcony of my apartment with laptop on my knees, with breathtaking views, a glass of apricot cocktail and a bit of great music. That’s what I love the most.
I’ve been waiting for this holiday season so long that I’m happy like a child to be here. This views, the sea, breeze in my hair, salt on my skin, and the sun kissing my skin. Sounds like a dream isn’t it ? First sunset ahead and I must admit that it was more amazing than everything. Seating with my sister on the beach, alone, in the small city without millions of tourists, it’s like another world, and listening to beautiful sound of waves. It’s romantic, unbelievable, beautiful and unforgettable. Have I to write more ? It’s just like to stay here, stop the time and forget about everything. 

Perfect clothing… that’s the part where you can play as much as you want during your vacation. Over sized shirts, different colours and textures. I chose for my first day in this paradise a black, heavenly soft shirt by HAWIK. Also I compared it with my new, beautiful glasses and light shorts. It’s like perfect time to wear flip flops. As you may know me, I’m obsessed with jewels and details. That’s why I chose flash tattoo ( It’s amazing how beautiful they look on the skin) and big earrings. So don’t forget about one rule: Have fun !

I’m going to swim a bit so have a nice day loves ! Let’s check my adventure on social media and stay inspired, creative and happy ! Love you !

outfit of the day:
Shirt : HAWIK
Shorts: Stradivarius
Sunglasses: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Lasocki
Bag: Versace
Lips: Clinique


  1. Enjoy it there. :-) You look great and pictures are amazing.

  2. Your pictures are perfect! I am from Croatia and I was at the sea right now, can't wait for summer to come! :D

  3. Piękne widoki, zdjęcia super :)

  4. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your trip! :)

  5. perfect pics! :)
    Enjoy it ;)



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