Good Morning peeps ! So just crazy week already started and I must admit that it will be very hard to survive this week. So it's actually last week when I can correct my marks and have to write all the exams. It's really important for me to have good marks at the end of gymnasium so I really work hard this week. 
But at the end of the week ( on Friday) I'm going to start my summer season by leaving to a real paradise … Croatia ! I just can't wait until Friday evening when by car ( yes, about 20 hours, I don't know how I will survive it) we will go to catch sun, lie on the beach, feel the sea salt in hair and just have fun while taking photos hahah. 

So you have to forgive me that this week articles will be very, very short I have to work very hard if want to have a good time. So this outfit is all about very casual, cozy, comfy outfit. I love wearing clothes this way when I'm normally tired during the week, between shopping, school and classes. I just want to survive it so keep fingers crossed and can't wait to see you soon !


  1. beautiful look! :)

  2. Zgadzam się - spodnie są świetne. Lubię taki casualowy styl. Sama niedawno zainwestowałam w jasne spodnie z model matild :)


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