Good Morning everybody, so after really fabulous weekend it's time to keep on going. About two weeks of school left at least and I can't wait to end writing all the tests and correcting marks. This super crazy routine is luckily going too and an end. Summer is coming really fast and also summer adventures are getting ready. So let's go and survive this couple of weeks.

I must admit that after my class trip I still don't have a good power to look perfect with a great make-up and stylish hairstyle. Trust me I can't get out of my bed and I'm still so sleepy, also because of weather. So I'm just wearing simply something very cozy, comfy and warm. This look is all about black&white (not only because of photo effect ). Black  jeans and black buffy t-shirt compared with sweatshirt which looks like from high-school.

This look is really, really simple, but it really makes it worth to wear. A perfect add is really small. I'm talking about the band, which is perfect to make a messy bun or pony tail without big amount of time. You can just twist your hair around and it's ready. It can really make your life much, much easier.

Okay, I have to go to school. Have a nice day ! Bye !


  1. I love how you styled that bomber jacket...and the black and white photographs are outstanding.
    You're such a natural beauty, don't worry about not having the time to bother with make up when you have classes.
    Sometimes we need to take it easy. I love make up but I just don't have time to apply it every day.

  2. This look is so cool! I love your bomber jacket :)
    Rachel xxx
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  3. nic pics, I like baseballs sweater.

  4. beautiful photos! <3

  5. You have interesting pictures and I think you have done good job with your jacket!

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