Yes ! Red lips again ! I don’t know why, but it’s the most popular colour of the lips from ages ! Expressing elegance, strenght, influence and giving you this thing which everyone loves. I’m wearing red lips very often, I can’t say that for ages, because really it’s my first spring when I’m wearing this colour, because I’m very young. I think that I’m choosing clothes and look much older that I’m, but that’s my style, I’m not like every teenager with sneakers, shorts and messy bun, without any make-up or a bit of mascara. No ! I love to wear make-up, choose all the accessories. That’s the biggest passion of my life … FASHION ! And as Steve Jobs said: „ THE ONLY WAY TO DO GREAT WORK IS TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO "

The whole look is really innocent, girly and very delicate, against to a lot of grey tones contained in it it's not boring, for me of course. I really love pastels, because they are so clean and with a very nice sight. I like soft view, for example I prefer white Instagram accounts that accounts full of sad faces, quotes and pain. No ! We have to look for the best sides, positive aspects and good situations. We can't expect good life with bad mood. It's really impossible. Only a necklace is a stronger accent of the look, white with a bit of gold, ohh I like it ! 

Today another creazy weekend starts. Kicking off english class, meeting with my bae and then straight to the whole night cinema marathon which I'm absolutely looking forward to. I can't wait to see new Avengers movie. The end - 6.30 AM I hope that I will not fall asleep. Keep fingers crossed haha it can be funny. Also next week I'm going with my class for absolutely fantastic adventure. I will tell you more soon so stay updated and see you on VICIRAGE !

outfit of the day:
Skirt: My mum's project
T-shirt: Stradivarius
Necklace: Sinsay


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !