Hey ! I apologised you that I'm not writing as much as usually this week ? So it's all about crazy, so much is happening and so much is going to happen. It's all between last tests at school and packing up, shopping … I'm just happy as hell that I'm leaving tomorrow for a little vacation. It will be a great time I feel. I just love to forget about routine and leave the moment. It's the best, isn't it ? So I decided to make a little, very little packing up guide for you !

So this article is prepared to show you few most important essentials to take. I mean for example waterproof case for my IPhone. Last year when I visited Greece ( first posts on the blog) I was really ashamed that I didn't think about buying it. This year I thought about it a bit earlier and bought one by Lifeproof. When I received it I wanted to try it and it took me about 30 minutes hahha, because I was so scared that my IPhone will float down.  I hope that photos will be very beautiful. Can't wait to show them to you !

Another very important thing is gonna spend a lot of hours in the car so I need to do something. We will travel almost at night, but listening music all round can be a bit boring, you don't think so ? So as usually I bought some cool fashion magazines to read while on the go and my favourite invisible hair rings which are I think the best think I discovered last time and also very good for wet hair, so perfect on the beach.

Triangle Swimwear ! Finally I got a swimsuit of my dreams like pink one ! I've always dreamt about this bikini and now finally I decided to buy it. Even though it's not the cheapest one I think that it was worth to buy it can't wait to take beautiful photos on the beach.

White manicuree… I can't wait to do my nails first time since I had an uv gel which destroyed my nails completely.  The last thing are sunglasses which I'm obsessed with. It's so nice to have few pairs of nice sunnies towear everyday, too add an extra accent to our look and protect our eyes.

So I can't stop and keep going with packing and learning for last two days at school. Let's go ! And don't forget to follow my adventure :

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