Good Morning peeps ! So I just came back after my super trip. It was probably the best time of my life. Magical experiences ahead, which will stay in my memory forever. It's unbelievable how many thing I did. So today I will try to write almost all about it and in addition too I will show you my list of favourites from DRESSLINK. So let's see it !

I spent four day with my lovely class, absolutely amazing people at class trip ( maybe later I will make and Instagram diary, but now you can see it on my account  ( INSTAGRAM ) We visited mountains here in Poland and it was typically survival trip. We tried paintball, rafting and so on. We had played in bunkers and had fun on the biggest in Europe on aerial slide ( 2,6 km). So much adrenaline in such a short time. I loved it !

Rafting… It was absolutely amazing while with my three friends we've been rafting down the river in the dinghy with feets under water ( which was cold as hell ), having so much fun and splashing with all the people around. We were completely wet, we've been freezing, but we were happy as never. I will never forget it. Later on the same day we we in a special park, where we took slide on the aerial slide, which is the longest in the whole Europe and there adrenaline reached the highest level. It was breathtaking when you started this slide, felt the wind in your hair and saw your friends while going down. It all happened so quickly, but will stay for long time in my heart.

You should know that usually I'm not a kinda of a person who loves to by dirty, play in the woods and  swim in freezing water, but with my favourite team everything is possible. I just love them and can't wait for our next trip next month ! I love you peeps !

Here you can also find a small wish list connected with an upcoming trip soon and I want to show you my absolute favourites from a really nice shop. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT DRESSLINK.COM OFFER ! ( psst. just click at the photo )

outfit of the day:
Shoes: Top Shop
Skirt: House
Shirt: Bershka
Earrings: Cubus


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  2. You look great!


  3. You look wonderful, amazing. beautiful pictures


  4. cute photos!

  5. Don't you look pretty. I really like the gray skirt you have on.

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