It's Wednesday, but I wrote this article on Tuesday evening so let me write in present. I'm so blesses while writing this article, full of creativity and this positive energy. I'm sitting with the computer next to the open window, because it's heavenly warm and watching absolutely magical sunset.Just breathtaking moments. I'm listening to Rihanna and writing for you while sipping a strawberry cocktail. For moments like this it's worth to live to breath with this fresh, warm air, fell the wind on your face, see the soft, orange light and hear the song of birds ( and Rihanna of course ha ha ).
Maybe you can see that a few weeks ago something started to changing in the way of it how I'm writing my articles. A couple of weeks ago I had very bad time and after a very long time I finally understood what is going on. I didn't want to be happy, to discover the beauty surrounding us, to talk with people to walk straight ahead with smile even when it's raining as hell. We have to keep going even when you are in the middle of earthquake in your head. Let's clean and organise your thoughts. It's much, much easier.

I can't ask you to be happy, you have to understand that you want to be happy. Do everything to realise your destination, to live as much as possible, to laugh all the time and keep smiling even when you are just doing a normal shopping in the grocery shop. That's the whole secret.. to want, to understand and to be thankful. Don't be bored, rude or doing something while thinking that you don't need it. Everything has each sense so you just have to find it and decided if it's for you or not.

I know that last times I'm writing more about happiness that about fashion in my articles, but I think that it's very important thing to talk about. Don't worry about my look I will write few words too. So it's all about baby blue in a bit boho style ( only a bit, a bit, a bit ). The T-shirt I bought in Men's part of H&M. I know, I know, but it's heavenly soft .

Sweater … and here I found a bit of this lately very popular boho style. Perfect accessory.. as perfect as this cute, gold bracelet which I got from my best friend for my Birthday and can't get enough of putting it in my outfits. At the end my pretty, lovely, baby … Bag from Mohito ! That's all ! Thank you for reading, If you like it please comment or follow !

outfit of the day:
Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte 
Shorts: Mohito
Sweater: Forever 21
T-shirt: H&M man 
Bag: Mohito 


  1. Que lindo paisaje!!! Me han encantado las fotografías y el look me parece perfecto, guapísima

  2. Perfect! I love this photos <3


  3. You look beautiful, inviting me to new posts.
    I am eager to develop my blog, so I need clicks in the most recent post, can you help?


  4. Cudowne miejsce do zdjęć, a torebeczka piękna ♥

  5. Przepiękne zdjęcia! <3 Wyglądasz rewelacyjnie :)
    Obserwuję i pozdrawiam ;)


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