In this article is more about the text, not about photos. I know that it's Thursday and everybody is just waiting for Friday to end this crazy week of madness. I know that a lot of people don't like their jobs, school and so on. I know that weather probably is bad and people surrounding as rude or impolite. But we can't care about it ! We have to live our lives ! And that's the subject of today's article.

Do you think sometimes why all the people around you are smiling or not, why you are smiling or not ? I think thinking about happiness is a first step in being happy. At the beginning we need to understand why we are unhappy, what makes us happy, just understand the problem. It's not an easy task, because it's hard to think about ourselves in this way. Second step is a bit easier. You have to start just smiling to people on the street. Trust me is easier than you think. You just smile to people on the street, people in shops, in trains … There's a wide variety of places, just everywhere. You will see that people will do completely the same and you will feel hundred times better.

Harder stop is connected with looking for only positive sites of things. For example you're late for your English class, but you know that teacher will not be angry, weather is beautiful and for example you can talk more with your mum while in a traffic jam. In every bad situation are advantages. We just don't want to find them, but we should. For example in 10 minutes I have to go to school and write test from German, I hate this language and I haven't eaten breakfast yet, but I fell sun on my face, hear nice voice of my mum and good music in the radio. Isn't this moment nice.

Not only unforgettable moments can be nice, memorable are much better with strong emotions, but this normal ones makes our everyday life and mood, gives us power to live. So come on ! Smile please !


  1. Świetne zdjęcia :)

  2. Thank for this post, I need positive thinking today :)))
    Wonderful pics and smile!


  3. Bardzo fajny blog,obserwujemy;)


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