Good Morning folks ! It's pretty good Monday today. Today is shooting in my school for a special album, yes 3rd class madness and tomorrow I'm leaving with my lovely class for our trip  ! Four days of paintball, survival and good fun ! Usually I'm not a fan of swimming in cold water, being dirty and playing paintball, but once a year with my class I love it ! Now before school getting my hair and make-up ready and after school another part of massive shopping and packing up.

We are leaving tomorrow very early and I'm not taking my laptop with me so I prepared for you few articles which will be posted automatically by blogspot ( I love this option so much). My case will be full of sneakers, leggings, sweatshirt and cozy t-shirts. It's a super huge difference between my normal closet and this. Lipsticks, shirts and dresses stay at home, it's cozy time, a small reset from taking  of my look all the year around.

Whites and gray, super light formula perfect for everyday. Now we had a couple of colder days, but we have to live with it right ? So Jeans, Top and Blazer are the perfect outfit. My first espadrilles are also a very important part of the look. It took me a lot of time to decide to buy this kinda of shoes, but it was worth I think. They are lovely comfortable and really nice. Clear beige and a shining material. I love them ! 

Have a nice week peeps ! 

outfit of the day:
Top: Stradivarius 
Blazer: My mum's project 
Trousers: Zara 
Shoes: F&F
Lips: EOS 


  1. Świetna stylizacja :) Cudnie wyglądasz!

  2. You look wonderful, amazing. beautiful pictures
    I love your style


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