Oh loves ! I can’t believe that it’s been year when I decided to share my love to fashion with you all. It’s amazing that today I can say that have my own fashion website with more than 180 articles and oh there’s so many words that I can say. I’m just happiest person in the world, that doing what I love. Writing for you few times a week, sharing my everyday life on social media.. oh I just can’t believe how I have used to live like this. Today I want to show you some photos from last year. During this 365 days my whole life turned completely to the different way and that’s what I want to talk about today. Let’s go back to 2014 … 

I was a girl, who loved fashion, wanted to be a model, to work in fashion. I've been writing why I'm not going on the runways, you can look for my birthday article and that's why I designed to work for me, be my own stylist, model, beauty editor and creative mind. I searched in google blogger and just clicked create the blog. There everything started. I had no idea what to do later on. I started learning html, creating websites, because the whole page is made by me, editing photos, writing, advancing my English, looking for my way of style. 

This website is a very big lesson for me. It makes me a better person. I just try to be perfect( it's not real ha ha). I express what I feel, write about almost everything and smile when see your comments. Sometimes it's really hard, in the beginning when I had no photographer, when people in my society were laughing at me and I just felt strange. Now everybody have used to me taking photos everywhere, always hahaha. Now I'm just a girl with great aspirations, I'm a blogger and I'm proud because of it ! 

I have a lot of amazing friends and I'm just a normal teenager. I'm learning, doing home works, writing exams and sometimes I have to sleep less to write an article, prepare an outfit but it's a pleasure for me. I love my life, I'm happy and want to keep going, I hope that next year I will write for you another post like this, that I will be more and more positive and have such amazing people around me. My mum and sis who are taking me photos - without them Vicirage can't have beautiful pictures which you can see everyday. 

I hope that you love it as much as me. Today I have English exams so keep fingers crossed and wish me a luck ! Have a nice day and remember about being happy and go back to VICIRAGE every day !



  1. I like this post in your blog: interesting with beautiful photos! You did a great job!
    Can’t wait to see the new one!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Kocham wszystkie twoje zdjęcia ♥

  3. Great post! Love your blog! X Minale

  4. Cool photos, very pretty:)


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