Well Good Morning, I feel that it will be a really great start of the day. Last couple of days was like a dream. It was all between school without lessons and doing what I love, music classes and rollerblading. I can live like that all the time even without break for the coffee. It's fantastic how our life changes when we are completely free, I mean without had exams next day and stuff like that. I forgot when I was doing a homework last time. It's pretty amazing.

Sun is shining almost all the time right now giving to all the plants beautiful flowers and green leaves. It's incredible to watch this spring performance. It's always like a magic when you are going everyday by car with the same road and everyday it looks quite different. I'm so happy that in few days my blog will turn into beautiful photos with green, very fresh theme. It's spring time folks !

It also means that we have to update our clothing base a bit. New shoes, few cool pairs of sunnies and also cute dresses which are waiting for the hot, summer days. I started wearing more comfortable and sporty shoes this year so I decided to buy another Nike shoes and even when I hate classic Air Max shoes this one from Thea Line are incredible. They are so delicate with a light look. I can't forget about telling you about this how much comfortable are they. Pure heaven for your legs even after all day in the city.

Light top and dark trousers. Mornings are still quite cold so when I'm going to school everyday morning ( sadly ) I have to wear something warmer. I put on my black jeans trousers and also the very light top with two pieces on it : blazer and blouse. Blouse you can see on the photos but blazer is well known for you. I'm talking about grey one designed  by mum which you can see in this article. During the day I just throw the clothing to my bag or to my mum's car and that's it.

Tomorrow in my country starts the long weekend. it means that Friday is completely free for all of us and also this weekend is connected wit my parents birthday. I will write you more soon. Stay updated and see you here on VICIRAGE.COM

outfit of the day:
Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea
Jeans: Mohito
Blouse: Only
Top: Top Shop
Bracelet: Monnari 
Bag: Reserved


  1. simply the best :)

  2. Great look, you look sensational :)

  3. Your photos are on point, as usual!

  4. Cudowne zdjęcia ♥

  5. lovely look and photos

  6. Thanks a lot for your kind words on my blog! :) Great comfy outfit, indeed! I like your top a lot!


  7. Love shoes and photos:)

  8. Love the outfit and your photos!

    xo ♡
    Rute (Made in the 90's)

  9. Great look, beautiful! And the pics are amazing!


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