Good Morning guys ! It's second day of my exams, but I'm not as nervous as yesterday. It was a horror. I was shaking and super stressful, but after the first part I felt better, stronger. And today I'm writing from biology, chemistry, geography, physics and math. It's quite a lot, but I like this items, so for me it's much easier that yesterday's once.

I like to create, very clear, simple and beautiful look. That all I expressed in this outfit. Boyfriend trousers, which I absolutely love this spring, Black top and grey blazer. It sounds perfect, isn't it ? Make-up is also all about the fresh, kinda of the face, with this light look and super creamy lips. Natural, but beautiful.

And what about this arrow? That's all about being focused on this what you want to do. If you have a destination you have to do everything about it. You just have to stay focused and stay strong. We have our dreams and have to realise them. You just have to keep it going ! You have to go like an arrow to the destination.

outfit of the day:
Blazer: Designed by my mum
Trousers: Only
Shoes: Wojas 
Bag: Prada
Necklace: &other stores

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  1. Great outfit and I like the choosen plase to take photos. The game of sunlights and shades made the photos cool.
    Have a nice day :-)


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