Good Morning ! I saw that you rally like the latest Royal article. I'm really happy about that and today presenting you another dress just perfect for prom season. Choosing the best creation is always the hardest decision. I know it really well ! This one isn't typical one. It's a bit like from 70', but that's why it's so cute. Yesterday I've been writing that we have to say bye to black dress this season, but this one is all about the difference.

It's shining, it's catching the eye, it's just beautiful. It's all about the perfect dress for some party or prom. You don't need any other details, just simply black shoes and small bag. Don't forget about red lips, not in burgundy, but in the real shade of red and smile, it will give tones of energy to the whole stylization.

Okay that will be all about the outfit, but I just wanted to write few words about what lately happened. So few days ago after being lazy all day I decided to change something. I've been thinking about that we only live once and decided to work hard, meet friends and do something all the  day, without lying in bed, watching TV and being lazy. It's been about for days from this day and trust me my mood is  all about 100 % better. It's clearly amazing and you have to try, to do ! Not to talk about or dream about ( dreams still are very important, but not only ).

Have a nice day loves and don't forget about doing, never give up and keep working.
fot. Marzanna Nadolna


  1. you look great
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  2. Wyglądasz przepięknie, ta sukienka jest na prawdę cuuuudowna :)

  3. Beautiful :)


  4. Sukienka jest prześliczna :) bardzo ładnie się prezentujesz :)

  5. Love dress and photos:)


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