Good Morning everybody ! Hope you slept well. And here it is, last week before my exams. I'm really nervous and have to study hard now. Sadly I can't share new article everyday now , but it doesn't mean that I want to forget about Vicirage ! Never ! I just will publish less articles this and next week. Keep fingers crossed !

This weekend was so lovely ! Flowers are all everywhere, making our world full of colours. Everything looks so beautiful during the spring and just can't wait when all the trees will become green and for as warm days as I can wear a cute, summer dress. That's what I like the most !

Okay, this outfit isn't typical for me. Lose trousers, … yes ! Lose trousers, that's weird, but they are comfortable as hell, trust me ! Black top and grey blazer, designed by my mum :) Whole look is fantastic I think. Checkered scarf and black bag are a perfect accessories to this look.

FOT. Marzanna Nadolna i Julia Nadolna

look of the day:
Trousers: Mohito
Lip balm: EOS
Blazer: My mum's project 
T-Shirt - H&M
Bag: YSL 
Shoes: Kazar 
Necklace: I am …
Scarf: Burberry


  1. the best photos. I love flowers <3.

  2. Love the pics!! Great blog i love it :D

  3. Marzą mi się zdjęcia na tle tych żółtych krzewów


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