Hello peeps ! So it's Sunday when I usually don't post, but decided to take care of my blog this weekend, because last weeks were very hard and I forgot a bit about Vicirage. I'm just watching TV and snacking today, in a couple of minutes I will go to do some rollerblading I think, hope you guys checked out the last article about my favourite sport haha. I will refresh my minds and start the day. It will be a family kind of the day.

Weather was really good in last couple of days, but today it's worse. Also the solar eclipse was a huge thing. I've been watching it and in my country we had about 77 % of it, it was really a lot, it was first time I've been watching something like this. The light was really soft and it was darker for few minutes.

What about this outfit ? It's spring so let's play with textures ! I chose polka dots ! I love tartans, stripes but you can't see me wearing dots very often, but I doesn't mean I don't like them. I also wore skirt designed by my super talented mama. Love you ! Grey coat and black adds makes the outfit looks awesome.

outfit of the day:
Hat : Anja Rubik for Mohito
T-shirt: Zara
Bag: Mohito 
Skirt: Designed by MY MUM 


  1. Love this post!!! *o* Pretty pics ;)
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  2. Adorable top!



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