Hi  u guys ! So I'm after two very hard days of studying, because I'm back in school after my very short trip to Amsterdam. I spend a really lovely time with my friend Maria who's from Spain. We met two years ago during the exchanging program between our schools. We spend a lot of time on strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, ate tones of macaroons and choco kebab ? Did you know that something like this exists? I had no idea before this trip and it's delicious !

We visited some cool museums and most important monuments. I didn't forgot about small summer is coming shopping hahha. I'm seriously getting ready for this year's summer season. I just can't wait especially that in the end of April I will write a very important exam and have to learn a lot,  lot, a lot now, it's very hard but let's do it !

So if some has a sweet tooth like me have to work out a lot and that's what's featuring is this post. Rollerblading… It's my favourite sport for 6 years and can't stop doing this. I just love this wind in my hair and air on my face. I just play turn on the music and almost everyday do my small workout. A couple of weeks ago my dad started to do this sport with me and he love it to, so maybe you should try to !

It's warmer now and we really can feel spring, but don't remember about some warm clothing, wind is still cold. I just wear a sport leggings, cotton t-shirt and a special jacket. Also your rolls are a very important part of this sport. I love my ones by Fila.

So everybody should try rollerblading, it's a really fantastic sport and you can slim down really fast, trust me I know something about it !

outfit of the day:
Rolls : Fila 
Leggings: H&M 
T-shirt : Top Shop 
Jacket: Fila
Sunnies: Ray Ban 


  1. Great photos dear! You look so happy while roller skating ;)


  2. Looks like fun! Cute outfit too! Beautiful countryside all around you

  3. Lovely post dear!
    your blog is amazing can't wait for the next post!♥

  4. I did not know about choco kebab heh :D,
    Your look is very good :)


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