Hello ! Do you have as much optimism in your hearts as me today ? It's Saturday morning and another perfect day is on it's way peeps. Sun,  good music,  mango smoothie and let's kick off the day and start it with this what I love the most, writing for you ! Today's plans ? Coffee with my best friend, some shopping ( hahaha I'm a terrible shopaholic ), shooting with my lovely mum and evening with my family. Nothing special but really can make me happy ! Happiness is all about the small things and your view for life and the world.

All the week I've been writing for you every day and I'm so grateful to my parents for making me photos every, single day ! It's not easy when between school and music or English class you have an hour to do some beautiful photos, but they  do it ! Take me from school, we eat lunch in the car and go to take some photos. This ones were made by the beautiful lake. They really helps me a lot in this what I'm doing and even when it's very hard they always tell me : Don't give up Victoria ! That's the best way to the success. I think that I've got the best parents in the world.

Yesterday was a really cloudy day and it was raining a lot, but specially for me between school and my English class we had about 30 minutes of sun hahah. It was unbelievable. My dad made me a surprise and took to this beautiful place near to my city to take a super quick photos and I think they are very beautiful. Maybe tress are not green yet, but the sun repairs everything. I just can't wait to see this all green leafs, flowers and happy people wearing colorful clothing, even when in my country people the most often wear black and grey, I have no idea why ?! Can you explain it to me ?

Okay I will write you few words about my outfit and will go to get ready to hit the city hahah. backless, striped top. I really love this piece, but I wore it to school and had to sit with my jacket on the top all this time, because we can't wear backless clothing hahah. But who cares ? is this hot trend ? Yes ! So fashion for me is more important ha ha. Black leggings and jeans jacket which give an effect of teenage rebel ha ha. And my hairstyle. it's my favourite one when I'm at home, but decided to wear it also to school. If it's all about the rebel who cares ?  Okay Wish you a great day ? Leave some comments please :)

outfit of the day:
Leggings: Gatta
Top: Top Shop
Jacket: Zara 
Shoes: Converse 
Earring: Claire's


  1. too much pictures for me, but photos are very nice! :)) and you look good :)


  2. Wow, genialne zdjęcia, jestem pod wrażeniem!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, MÓJ BLOG/ KLIK :))

  3. Cute outfit! The scenery is so pretty too. The earrings are gorgeous


  4. Świetne zdjęcia, bardzo podoba mi się Twoja bluzka! :)


  5. zdjęcia są śliczne, bardzo pozytywne :)

  6. Hi I am your new follower now <3 Nice blog
    Maby u will be mine follower too?

  7. Love photos and outfit:)


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