And here it is ! Spring finally is here ! I have new energy and a lot of creativity in my head. Getting ready for something unbelievable. I can't wait to share with you more ! So when new season starts we also have to make our wish lists ready. And here is my super, huge, massive one ! From some cool sunnies to most stylish sneakers ! 

In addition too I publish few never published photos from last session. On the first ride I  decided that won't publish them, but on second thought I decided to share them. So please enjoy, comment and follow my blog here and on social media ( buttons on the sidebar ). remember it means a lot to me.

Making off photos are always my favourite photos, because here we see how many things helps us to take a perfect photo. Photographer isn't the only person, also light is very, very important. So here you can find two of them made by my mum, who always helps me, thank you. Love you ! 
Oh sunnies ! These little beauties are necessary ! Not only to make a full look, but to protect our eyes ! I think that everybody want to keep our eyes in as good condition as it's possible for as long time as possible. So we should also buy sunglasses only with UV filter.

Bagggss, Bags and again Bags. It's I think my biggest love ( straight after lipsticks ) and never have enough of them. Also I will never be bored of pastel colours. Here are different types and brands, but one thing is about all of them. They all are shoulder bags ! Let's forget about uncomfortable bags, let's reserve them only for special occasions and fell in love with shoulder ones.

Our beloved denim, which we choose the most often during the spring, mostly because it's still too cold to wear shorts, but we can choose boyfriend ones in different types and colours. In shops there's really a wide variety of them now, everybody will find something perfect ! Don't forget about playing with colours and patterns. What do you think about Michael Kors ones ?

Tops are the base of every stylization. We wear them almost always, when we can't choose a cute dress. This ones are designed especially for fixed, warm weather which we have during the spring.

Shoes ! High-healed or flats ? It's the most difficult question of the world ! If it's just a day with friends or family, choose flats ! Let's take care of your legs, heels aren't the healthiest thing on earth. Oh espadrilles, last year I didn't buy them, but this year, they are my number one ! And the last ones, sporty ones, I mean Nike will be perfect to do some running or cycling.


  1. Świetne propozycje :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, MÓJ BLOG/ KLIK :))

  2. Lovely outfit


  3. świetne inspiracje, no i przede wszystkim genialna twoja stylizacja ;D
    donutworrybehappy.blogspot.com - zapraszam do mnie, nowy post bardzo optymistyczny - o wiośnie i szczęściu :)

  4. Great post ! :)


  5. Te zdjecia są mega! ja zobaczyłam cie na tym pierwszym z gory to myslalam ze to jakas modelka :D
    Gratulacje! + świetny outfit! :)

    ---->Obiektyw mym okiem<----

  6. You look so beautiful, great hair and jacket. Your style is amazing. xx


  7. Cudowna jest ta torebka Chloe :)


  8. Nice pics, you're pretty ;)


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    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It would be great if you come back to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  10. amazing post :)
    follow to follow on GFC? You wrote me this and I say yes and I follow you. ;)


  11. Nice photos :)



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