Hello loves ! How are you ? Hope you all had a fabulous and super productive weekend. I spend almost all the time with my friend and on doing sport. We finally have spring ! Yesterday we had about 16 degrees so it's really big score for polish weather. I can't stop rollerblading, running, cycling… I just love to move and do something for me. Just find a motivation and start doing !

Today's talk will about… colours, especially filters which we use to edit our photos. Now different programs and apps give us a lot of different options and just let our creativity begin. We can create such a lot of different styles and photos. Definitely the most popular is black and white effect but we have a wide variety of them. 

From sepia to deep blue, from light to dark. We can give a character to photos which we take It's a really good way to adapt it like a kind of art. Of course not every effect we can use to every kind of photo. it's like destination. You just have to try. 

My favourite one is sepia, because it gives an effect of old photo and I absolutely love retro and old style of photography, because it's full of chic and elegance for me. It's like and old, beautiful movie. So i hope that you will play with colours ! 

fot. Robert Es 


  1. Beautiful smile! You look wonderful!


  2. Zdjęcia są piękne, artystyczne :) Poza tym jesteś świetnie ubrana, kocham takie spódniczki :)
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  3. love the shade play! the outfit looks so different in every shade!

  4. Sooo cool!

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  5. This weather also has me in the mood to excercise! Such a great feeling to go for a run outside this time of year:)

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  6. Nice outfit. :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment. :) Sure, we can follow each other. Just let me know where (GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter) you are following, and I follow you back. :)

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  7. Lovely photos! Thank you for visiting my blog <3 Kisses



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