Good Morning loves from Amsterdam ! So I just woke up in my gorgeous room with breathtaking view for the channel. I love this city a lot and happy like a kid to be here. So strolling through the streets of this city is the best thing on earth. Trust me there's nothing better. Architecture is just amazing and trust here you can take photos almost everywhere.

We arrived here because my best friend from Spain arrived here. We meet during exchanging program two years ago and always very happy to meet each other. This city is relly good place to meet after about year. I love her so much ! I will spend there only 2 days, but hope that it will be an amazing time which we will remember to the end of our lives.

Hat girl and strong, red lips ! That's what I love now ! This hat I bought two days ago, but was looking for it for a very long time. It was designed by Anja Rubik and must admit that I just can't explain how I like it now ! I think you will see me wering it very often now.

So, today we have some sightseeing in our plans, but I can't forget about eating tones of macaroons hahah. So have a beautiful day !

outfit of the day:
Coat: Zara 
Leggings: h&m 
Hat: Anja Rubik for Mohito 
Lips: Chanel 
Backpack : &otherstores


  1. Wow, what a wonderfully, I like

  2. Love the pictures


  3. big yellow shoes are so crazy! :D
    Your post is nice, I want go to Amsterdam too. :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Amazing pictures. Have a great time <3

  5. I agree with you. You can take pictures everywhere! <3 How I wish I could go to Amsterdam too. Enjoy your stay there! :)

    Have a nice day!


  6. Cudnie wyglądasz, a zdjęcia przecudne! :)

  7. You look so cool!!! Love the pictures!!!

  8. Lovely look! I like the hat and ah, those macaroons! Just had some yesterday from Laduree place here in NYC!:P Beautiful shots from Amsterdam!
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  9. Wonderful look, you were beautiful, congratulations!
    And the place is amazing!



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