It's as always very good question, especially that I'm a massive book lover. It's my third post about books, but I think that it's worth to write about it. Reading is a thing which give us a lot of creativity, energy, positive things. Unfortunately now people prefer movies than books. It's a big shame. World is forgetting about books.

I must admit that always when I read a book and then watch movie, this first is always much better, more interesting and has much more details which completely change the whole story. It's sad that people think that reading is an anachronism . It's not true ! Book is almost always written before the film and it's the best form of relax for us, our thoughts and brain. We are in the other world, in the world of imagine.

Today i want to introduce you to the world of John Green. His books are just amazing, I've read 4 yet and all of them were gorgeous ! This two, I mean Let It snow and An Abundance Of Katherine are my fav ones. I read them in few hours. Very interesting and full of feelings. Perfect for a day when you are deadly bored. Trust me it works !

If you remember, next part of If I stay. When I watched If I stay in cinema, I thought that it was the best movie ever ! I've been crying, laughing. It was really unbelievable. Touching story and one of my favourite actress. So when a couple of days ago I was with my friend in bookshop and saw a title If You Remember I was the happiest person in the world. I didn't expect that we will have an opportunity to knew the rest of Mia's story.

Combat to Catwalk. I got this book from my Grandma who was in London for few months. Book of course in English so I was really happy. Amazing story of outstanding girl. She's got a title of Miss England 2009 and she was on the war before she got famous. It's a breathtaking story and I'm really thankful to my Grandma for this book.

Don't forget about books ! This little, paper things are really good training for our brain and creativity. Who like world without colors and creativity ? I think that nobody. So let's go to the bookshop and find your fav one !!!



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