That's what I didn't share until now. I got my first YSL bag in November. It was a big surprise to me and I was the happiest person in the world i think. It's truly beautiful. Why I haven't showed it yet ? I decided that as special bag should be shared to world in a special day. I thought about New Year !

I want to wish folks everything the best in New Year ! As creative minds as it's possible, things you can't expect, a lot of love and passion in your hearts. I wish you this year to be more and more productive. New Year is also a time of my resolutions. What I decided to do ?Well I think that working better and better at Vicirage, working on my English will be the most important thing this year and quality of photos. it's very important for me. In addition to my big destination is to slim down a little bit. I think that everybody want to have a perfect body.

New Year is also a New Beginning in our minds. I hope that I still will be as motivated as in the past year. Motivation and ambition is the best thing which people can have. We can't buy it we have to work for it. The most important thing is to write our own story, do what we think is the best for us, don't think about other people opinions and NEVER GIVE UP ! I think that this words are very important for me. A lot of times I was read to delete Vicirage, because of other's people opinion, but I've never do that and I will not.

Last Year was a really good year. Everything is still changing around us and I'm so grateful for this what happened around me during this entire year. I found real friends and real passion. i finally do what I love and don't thing about other's opinion. I forgot about fear and I now what's confidence. I'm really thankful for this and can tell that I'm really ready to kick off the new year.

So I wish you all a perfect weekend with your family and friends, a lot of time to chill out and feel comfy and regenerated, because the end of holiday season is too soon. Last days left and next we have to go back to school.


Thank you for every comment you add. It's the biggest motivation for me !