Good Morning it's Friday - fun day. Finally the last day of the week in school. It was a really hard but also productive week. I'm happy that now I will have time to wear my cozy set and spend a lot of time in my bed, with a cup of ginger green tea and my laptop. I really need regeneration after a whole weak of hard learning. We have officially the end of semester, now the new one is starting, more learning and exams soon so let's kick it off !

In this look the most important for me were jewels. I love to wear some cool pieces and I repeat it very often. We should look for perfect ones and wear them, it can change the whole outfit. Today : BRACELETS ! Big Pearl one, beautiful gold one and bracelet connected with ring. Very chic, classic and beautiful ones.

The whole outfit is very simple, perfect proposition for cozy day in school. Black trousers, black blouse and white, very one sweater on the top. Flat boot, because when it's rainy I don't like to run in heels. But where it's something simple there should be something more intensive. I'm talking about lipstick. Deep red. Messy hair and let's go !

I'm writing this post right before I go to school, I'm so happy that it's the end of the week. But also we shouldn't stop never. Wish you a luck !

outfit of the day:
Trousers: Zara
Blouse: Zara
Sweater: Only 
Bracelet's: Chanel, Bijou Brigitte
Lips: Chanel 


  1. You are very beautiful, you really should be a model ! Your blog is so gorgeous ! You will be SOMEBODY important in the world of fashion !

  2. Przepiękna stylizacja, uwielbiam takie klasyczne, proste zestawienia :)

  3. amazing photos! <3 I love it
    Could you click on the link under the pictures with clothes?

  4. Lovely pictures


  5. Great photos and Your figure ! ;>

    I`m follow and wait for you!

  6. Very nice photos :)
    I'm following you

  7. Wow beautiful photos :)
    Thanks for your comment :)
    I'm following you now and I hope you follow me to :))

  8. amazing photos! You look very beautiful ;)
    Follow for follow?


  9. Ladnie, sama bym sie tak nosila - szczegolnie kardigan wpadl mi w oko :)

  10. Bardzo prosto i ladnie, podoba mi sie niezmiernie :)

  11. set bardzo fajny, podoba mi się :) czy zdjęcia robiłaś koło filharmonii w gw?

  12. Dlaczego piszesz po angielsku(tylko) ?
    Ładna stylizacja ;)


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